Hope for Iraqi Christians is a charity group organized by the Mar Toma Council #10981 of the Knights of Columbus, in collaboration with the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle in El Cajon, California. 

The Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St Peter the Apostle and the Knights of Columbus Mar Toma Council has a long history of providing humanitarian relief and has done so following September 11, 2001. Together since the 2003 Iraq War,  they have assisted over 40,000 refugees assimilate into the United States.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help Iraqi Christian refugees by providing them with the minimum to survive during this difficult time and campaigning for a plan for resettlement. 


Our History

As the situation in Iraq and the Middle East continues to unfold, the native people especially the Christians are caught in middle, and occasionally are the named target. Thousands of families are without adequate food, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities. Their homes, businesses, bank accounts, and even identification documents have been lost or seized.

We all want to help but we are unsure how, or feel powerless. That is the reason why Hope for Iraqi Christians was started!

The Global community can have a powerful impact. In partnership with generous donors, have already gathered over $650,000 since July 2014. But our mission is just beginning. Many have made one time donations, but this is simply not enough to sustain ongoing needs. To adopt a family in need it’s $100/month. But whatever the monthly donation, even $33/day (or around $1/month), will bring much needed help to our suffering innocent brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Please let’s not forget our Christian brothers and sisters who are stuck in a nightmare. It is easy to forget them in our busy daily lives, as seemingly the media and the world leader have! This is not a time to wait any longer. We are very fortunate to live in our beautiful homes, the least we can do is help financially. Of course we are also called to help spiritually by praying, and fasting for their unfortunate plight.

We want to thank all of you for beginning to share in this mission.