We had a generous response to our 100 family matching appeal in July!  A total of 67 donors signed up to be monthly donors.  Even though we were a short of our goal of 100, our generous sponsor of the matching appeal promised to still support the original 100 families!  This brings our total families matched between the San Diego and Michigan Chaldean Catholic Diocese to just over 2,000 families to whom we are sending monthly donations! More needs to be done, and we are working hard, and being innovative to reach out to more donors.  Our next phase is to reach out to parishes across San Diego, please read the letters sent to all the priests in San Diego.  We have started outreaching to local churches already, and the responses from parishioners have been heartwarming.  So with a full set of volunteers, we are hoping to reach more churches in the coming months.  Please contact us know if your parish is interested in having us discuss the ongoing plight of the innocent suffering brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Letter to churches
Letter from social ministry

Please join us in helping the suffering Iraqi Christian families—displaced by ISIS—in their time of need. Together, we will provide hope for the Iraqi Christian refugees.


In 2014, the terror group, ISIS, marked all Christian homes in Iraq with— —the Arabic letter “N” for followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Then, ISIS issued an ultimatum:  CONVERT TO ISLAM, LEAVE OR DIE BY THE SWORD

Over 200,000 innocent Iraqi Christians were forced to flee from the ISIS genocide. In 48 hours, they left behind their homes, businesses, jobs and dreams. Since July of 2014, Iraqi Christians have been living in refugee camps in northern Iraq and neighboring countries, with little hope of a future. These families are now desperate for food, shelter and clothing.

They need your help. Please join us to participate in any of the following three programs.


Provide basic needs for a refugee family in a monthly basis. Learn More →

Help provide caravans to shelter a Iraqi refugee family. Learn More →

Provide for refugees in need of medical support. Learn More →

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