Report for Hope for Iraqi Christians 2018, Fundraising Gala 

The Hope for Iraqi Christians, an organization under St Peter’s Chaldean Knights of Columbus council, hosted a Fundraising Gala of prayers, spreading awareness, and raising funds to help the persecuted poor in Iraq and the Middle East, on September 28th.   There were 370 humanitarians in attendance, which consisted of clergy, dignitaries, and guests. All those at the gala witnessed a beautiful night of community coming together to help a most worthy cause.  The gala was at University of San Diego, and we were co-sponsored by the university as well!

 Showcased were several speakers who were able to give a first hand eyewitness account of the current plight of the refugees and the poor.  All these speakers were in the middle east within the past several weeks.

The first speaker, Zina Rose Kuriakos, explained her work with the United Nations and on her recent trip working directly with the Iraqi and Kurdistan governments to secure human, political, and legal rights for the oppressed. She closed her talk with a plea from a local woman who said “please don’t forget us when you go back to the U.S., please don’t forget us”

Our second speaker, our very own Father David Stephan, of St Michael Chaldean Church,  shared personal stories he experienced on his recent visit.  One of a girl who was berated by a friend for going outside without shoes, and when Father David asked her why she is not wearing shoes, she simply told him, “lettie” which in Aramaic means,“I don’t have”.

Our third speaker, Dr Nahla Salem, a dentist in Michigian, was recently in the Lebanon to help establish another MERCI clinic.  She showed the money flow of donations.  In particular, of how all the money goes directly to the neediest in an open, accountable, and transparent manner. For example, when an adopted family receives the $100/month, they must sign each month, and this signature goes to a database that the donor can request.  The donor can also phone or email the family that they are donating to.

We were surprised with an extra special treat, when Bishop Bashar Warda from Erbil Iraq, visited us!  He is known to be the voice of the poor and refugees. He was going to Washington D.C. to advocate, and rearranged his itinerary to make this gala.  He spoke of the continued need for grassroots organizations like Hope For Iraqi Christians to help, because  UN, world governments, and Iraqi/Kurd government gives little to no assistance. 

The three goals of the night were accomplished, well almost.

First, we all gathered and prayed for our fellow poor persecuted brothers and sisters

Second, the attendees were given most current update, and validated there still is a major need to help! Also everyone learned how the flow of your donations goes to directly to help the most needy. 

And third, there was a fundraising effort, which got close to our goal, but not quite met our yearly financial obligations to support 200 families we are committed to.  And continue to support half of the financial needs of the MERCI clinic in Duhook, Iraq that San Diego is sponsoring.

After expenses were blessed to raise $163,420!

It’s not too late to donate!


Why donate?

1)  Literally thousands of families need desperate assistance, in this modern day Genocide, of the native people of Iraq;

2)  Money going directly to the neediest;

3)  It’s biblical.  Our Lord says, “truly I tell you, whatever you did to the least of my people, you did for ME.” - Matthew 24:45


Why be a Sponsor of Hope level?

And it’s our way of saying thank you, and giving you something back!  We know you are donating to help the neediest, but good to get something back.

For this year you will have your name and/or business name on our website, flashing on the screens for next event, and in the program brochures.  Plus, you will get your own table of 8 seats!  And as always, you will get a family folder profile of a real life family who desperately needs help!  If you “share a family”/$1 per day,  or adopt one or more families, you will get a family folder(s) in the mail.

We keep four promises, 100% of  your money goes to most needy, 100% transparency, 100% volunteer run, and 100% tax deductible.

On behalf of the poor and persecuted, we thank you for all your continued prayers and support!

Please join us in helping the suffering Iraqi Christian families—displaced by ISIS—in their time of need. Together, we will provide hope for the Iraqi Christian refugees.


In 2014, the terror group, ISIS, marked all Christian homes in Iraq with— —the Arabic letter “N” for followers of Jesus of Nazareth. Then, ISIS issued an ultimatum:  CONVERT TO ISLAM, LEAVE OR DIE BY THE SWORD

Over 200,000 innocent Iraqi Christians were forced to flee from the ISIS genocide. In 48 hours, they left behind their homes, businesses, jobs and dreams. Since July of 2014, Iraqi Christians have been living in refugee camps in northern Iraq and neighboring countries, with little hope of a future. These families are now desperate for food, shelter and clothing.

They need your help. Please join us to participate in any of the following three programs.


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