We provide three different programs to support Iraqi refugee families.

When you donate $100 a month, you can provide a whole refugee family with their basic living necessities, including rent, food, sanitary products, and other basic living expenses.

You also have the option of donating $33 per month (about $1 per day). In this case, we will combine three of this type of donation and contribute to one refugee family. You will be providing support for this family along with two other donors. You will still receive a folder with the information about the family you are supporting. We offer you 100% transparency and direct communication with the family you are adopting.

You will receive a folder with the basic information about refugee family (the family's name, contact information, where they used to live, where they live now, the number of dependents in the family, their expenses, a thank you letter, and information on our programs).

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Please join Hope for Iraqi Christians to provide for refugees in need of medical support. This program is dedicated to providing emergency medical services and supplies to persecuted and displaced Iraqi Christians who are facing challenging health issues that require necessary surgical procedures and medications. Many others need daily maintenance medications.

Currently, in the North of Iraq (in Ninevah plains) there exist seven clinics that provide help to refugees.  We have a doctor in Jordan who helps distribute money to families with medical needs. We require the clinic and the Jordan doctor to send us monthly reports of how all the money is spent for the patients' medical situations.

We offer you 100% transparency and direct communication with the patient you are helping. You will also have the chance to communicate directly with the clinics, or with specific patients.

Since the ISIS's attack in Mosul and other Iraqi Christian towns in the July of 2014, hundreds of Iraqi Christian refugee families have been living in church halls and vacated buildings in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

To alleviate this untenable situation, Hope for Iraqi Christians has initiated a new program, Shelter a Refugee Family, in order to provide caravans to house families. The church will provide the land. 

Your financial support is vital to the success of this program. A one-time donation of $2,500 will pay for a caravan to shelter a family, saving costly monthly rent. If you are not able to donate $2,500, any amount will help us meet the goal of purchasing 60 caravans to shelter our Christians brothers and sisters.

Would like to contribute to the cause?